Guidelines and Expectations for Students Returning to School After Travel

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We understand our students and families may choose to travel during the Thanksgiving season. Due to the recent public health concerns related to Covid-19, we are taking steps to limit exposure within our community.

Students and families who have traveled to regions with a CDC level 2 or 3 travel warning for Covid-19, to an area where a state of emergency has been declared, or have interacted with anyone who has or is suspected of having contracted Covid-19 will be required to self isolate for 14 days. Self isolation means :

Remain at home

Do not attend any gatherings

Monitor; temperature, cough, difficulty breathing

We are dedicated to maintaining the safety of our fantastic Preschool staff and students. This is an evolving and fluid time during which we thank you for your continued cooperation as we navigate this unprecedented situation.

Thomas V. Sheffey                                                           Bruce Bosselman

Director                                                                                   Ruling Elder

Happy Spring!

Although there’s no telling what the weather has in store these days, I have high hopes that we’ve finally reached a point where we’ll stay in the ‘spring zone’. Or at least pretty close. (Fingers crossed!) No matter what the weather has brought, though, all the kids at FPCP have consistently brought their energy and excitement to school each day. We have been having quite the spring so far! Here are a few of the pictures taken around school lately … hope you enjoy!