First Presbyterian Church Preschool

First Presbyterian Church Preschool is a weekday school that offers both half-day and extended-day programs for 2-year olds to 4-year-olds. Our school year runs from August through May. We also offer half- and full-day summer camp by the week so that families have greater flexibility during the summer.

Our preschool staff is fully invested in each and every student. We want each child to flourish, and we strive to make the preschool experience the best it can be. Classes and activities enrich learning, social behavior, character development, music and art, movement and so much more.

A mission of First Presbyterian Church in Waynesboro, we are a faith-based program. Students attend chapel each week, and we use the Bible to help teach children how special and unique God has created them to be — well-loved by God, created to love and respect ourselves and all others.