Preschool Mission

Mission of the Preschool 


The Mission of the Preschool at FPC is to provide children in our community with a solid, faith-based educational foundation which encourages love of God, respect for others, and life-long appreciation of learning.  Our Preschool exists to:

  • Lead our children to know the greatness of God, the love and mercy of Jesus Christ, as well as the real and abiding presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • Use the Bible to teach the story of God’s great love for all God’s children.
  • Worship and give thanks to God through word and song.
  • Prepare children to academically succeed in kindergarten and beyond.


Our Philosophy of Education


Each child is a special and unique creation of God.  Our Preschool supports and encourages parents in the nurture and training of their children.  We understand all children develop at their own pace according to their personal gifts.  Therefore, we approach every child as an individual: loving, encouraging and teaching to assist the child in developing his or her potential.  Curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each individual child.  We believe that children learn best in a safe, supportive and loving environment where they may experience the awe and wonder of God’s creation through hands-on, developmentally appropriate educational activities.


Our Goal


Our goal is that each child welcomed into our Preschool will grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.  We facilitate children’s learning by placing greater focus upon process and experience, rather than on products produced.  Teachers use every opportunity to draw attention back to God’s hand in each detail of creation.  We arrange daily activities and curriculum to ensure development in all key areas:

  • We nurture children spiritually through prayer, storytelling and worship, as well as encouraging Christ-like love by example.
  • We help them to grow intellectually through daily lessons which balance pre-reading skills, math readiness, motor skills, science, social studies, as well as music and art appreciation.
  • We encourage social growth in our children as we help them learn to get along with their peers, to share, take turns, practice manners, foster independence, and other skills as each are ready for them.
  • We encourage emotional growth in our children by providing a safe, supportive and loving environment where children feel comfortable and ready to grow. We encourage them to articulate their emotions, and develop empathy for the feelings of others.
  • We help children in their physical development by providing opportunities for free play as well as organized activities.



“We will tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord…”   — Psalm 78:4

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